Danielle Wilson (Owner/Groomer)

Danielle has always loved animals, so becoming a dog groomer seemed like a natural career choice. She graduated from Elite Dog Grooming Academy in February 2015. She has plans to further her grooming education and is working towards her certification with the Canadian Certified Professional Pet Stylists.

Danielle believes that every dog can be taught to love (well at least tolerate) being groomed by using a gentle voice and a soft touch and by never forcing your pet into any situation. Patience and kindness go a long way when dealing with dogs.

Danielle has a mixed breed 110 pound lap dog named Sonny…and a little white cat named Cher. Both have been adopted from local shelters.

Danielle is from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia originally and moved to Sackville, New Brunswick with her husband in 2012. She loves it here because “Sackville is a town of animal lovers.”